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President of India, Pranav Mukerjee at Vikramshila

New hope starts generating


April 5th, 2017


The face book profile Pix that was uploaded after Vikramshila visit.


Our Bureau


Bhagalpur : President of India, Pranav Mukherjee soon after visiting Vikramshila Buddha Mahavihara on April 3, changed his profile picture in the face book account of president of India and placed the picture of some ruins of the ancient seat of learning as his profile picture.

Earlier on April 3, his face book account mentioned that the ‘president visits Vikramshila University monuments and museum today’.  It further mentioned : speaking on the occasion, the president said that he was happy to come Vikramshila University which is being established on the site of this ancient of higher learning and to visit the monuments and the museum. They reflect an era where a rich culture of learning flourished in the region. It is heartening to find that after meticulous excavation carried out over the last few decades, it has been decided to revive this seat of learning. He also complimented the Archaeological Survey of India in this regard. He stated that resurrection of Vikramshila will be an important step in the preservation of our civilizational ethos.

The president said that India has had a long tradition of knowledge generation and propagation. Scholars from different distant lands frequented our country, attached by the philosophy and wisdom of our ancient civilization. In ancient India, Universities such as Vikramshila, Nalanda and Taxila etc. attracted students, teachers and researchers from all over the world. He said that that it is important to revive the glory of Vikramshila University.

It’s indeed a rare chance when a president ( for the first time history of Vikramshila) visited and observed very minutely all the excavated parts and different statues and related item which were recovered during the excavation which are kept in the museum, located adjacent to the half-excavated site. Mukherjee, also an eminent scholar, was so impressed that  he not only expressed his joyfulness for visiting the site of Vikramshila, but also strongly voiced for its resurrection. He also had strengthened the need to revive the glory of this ancient world University again.

Local residents who having been fighting since long for the greater cause of this heritage, wholeheartedly welcomed Mukherjee’s recent comments on Vikramshila. “The president could realize the situation while the state government virtually turned a deaf ear on it,” many local residents alleged. Majority of the speakers from the dais  during the programme  of the president of India at Vikramshila on April 3 , put the demand of opening of a central University here which already was sanctioned by the union government but due to failure of the state government to provide required lands for the proposed central varsity, the matter is lingered unnecessary, many pointed out.



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