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Bollywood's celebrities used to participate Bhagalpur on Srijan's events.

Srijan’s nexus with top politicians exposes; local kingpins political links under CBI’s radar


September 2nd, 2017

Our Bureau/

The speculation which full with suspense finally exposed-Rekha Modi, cousin of state’s deputy chief minister, Sushil Kumar Modi as one another beneficiary in Srijan !

It is the matter of investigation for the CBI now how Rekha Modi managed to transfer huge amounts in crores through RTGS from the accounts of Srijan but it is also the matter of investigation how the local kingpins of Srijan developed relationship with top raking politicians and ultimately made them beneficiaries.

With the exposer of the RTGS to Rekha Modi, political corridors both at Patna and Bhagapur became hot. Leveling allegations and counter allegations between BJP and RJD reached its climax. Laloo Prasad Yadav has announced to conduct rally at Bhagalpur  soon against the scam. However Sushil Kumar Modi today rejected any such apprehension of his involvement in the scam as projected by his opponents. “We don’t have any relation with the lady in question so how could one make it an issue,” he pointed out at Patna this afternoon.

But observers raised pertinent question, the question of gravity of the ongoing investigation for searching out the real masterminds who are behind the curtain. “Now it is very important before the CBI to establish the missing links of the local kingpins and the top politicians involved in Srijan scam,” observers pointed out.

According to sources many such local kingpins are already in the radar of CBI. Recently the investigation conducted by the SIT has established that the local kingpins have managed to accumulated huge property and assets during last few years from Srijan. “They first managed huge  money to establish their properties and then extended helps from Srijan to their friends outside including politicians,” a SIT officer said.

SIT managed to list the details of properties accumulated by the local kingpins of Srijan who also acted as bridges between the big leaders and Srijan NGO. “The name of Rekha Modi is one of such an example in this episode,” SIT pointed out.


The sources said Vipin Sharma, the expelled BJP leader and one of the masterminds in the scam accumulated huge properties including  at least 10 flats constructed by Gardenia India Ltd at Noida. “Sharma who earlier booked 10 flats at one of the most aristocrat place near the capital of the country, already had purchased 5 flats there. Over Rs 4.5 crore was paid to Gardenia company through RTGS from the bank account of Srijan. He purchased one flat in his name while others in the names of his relatives and friends,” the sources disclosed.

Director of the company, Monoj Roy ( a native of Bhagalpur) said that Vipin Sharma managed to purchase the flats by  one agent. “We gave discount in such purchasing but when we asked the agent for completing the registry of 5 other flats, we were assured that Sharma would purchase it soon,” he told before the investigating agency.

The sources claimed due to the sudden death of Monorama Devi in February last and subsequently  due to the expose of the scam,  Vipin Sharma failed to purchase the flats till now. “The money transferred through RTGS to our company from Srijan directly, we informed everything to police,” Roy said. Apart from that, Vipin Sharma managed to have 2 flats at Mumbai, one at Dehradun, one at Patna, 2 at Deoghar besides 2 big houses at Bhagalpur, 5 big showrooms of branded garments and shoes in the heart of Bhagalpur. “Vipin Sharma who some 10-12 year back somehow managed to earn livelihood from a small shoes shop at Tilkamanjhi locality in Bhagalpur how managed to accumulated properties worth not less than Rs 100 crores?” asked a SIT officer with a hope to have answer from CBI soon.

“During local level investigations we complied such evidences along with the nodes of strong connections of Vipin Sharma and the top political leaders. He was instrumental to introduce the top ranking leaders with Srijan but CBI would expose the links in details,” the officer pointed out.

Kishore Ghosh another kingpin in the scam, is owner of 10 flats, 2 big building, one big plot at a posh locality in the heart of Bhagalpur, 5 big branded shops at Bhagalpur, Purnea and Katihar. The SIT managed all details of Kishore’s properties during investigation. Similarly, M V Raju who once migrated from Orissa to Bhagalpur was a sales representative of Singer company, today have three big multi brands electronic and shoes shops along with 4 big flats at Bhagalpur. SIT established his long association with Srijan and an active member in the fraud game also.

Dipak Verma,  expelled  district president of RLSP, also accumulated huge property from Srijan and also made his friends outside Bhagalpur beneficiaries from Srijan, SIT claimed. The owner of 1 private school (in rent), 1 big Haveli, enjoying CNF of 5 big companies and owner of huge agricultural and commercial lands at Bhagalpur along with 5 flats at Delhi and Patna.

Similarly P K Ghosh who has been wanted by the investigating agencies, said to be one of the masterminds in the scam accumulated huge property like 2 flats at Ranchi and Calcutta, constructed one big apartment besides having partnership in 4 big multi brand items shops at Bhagalpur, Purnea and Katihar. The sources claimed Ghosh also used to managed media houses and some journalists for Srijan NGO.

Bhagalpur had the opportunities towitnessed the arrivals of noted Bollywood celebrities  like Shakti Kapoor, Mahima Choudhary and Gulshan Grover etc in the most ordinary programmes sponsored either by Kishore Ghose , MV Raju or Amit Kumar even to promote their shops or some brands like pickles etc by Srijan. “It’s a hick of aristocracy when people like Kishore or Amit Kumar easily managed such film starts here for promoting their establishments. Those were very easy because of the flow of illegal money,” said Ajit Kumar, a social activist here.

More interestingly , CBI learnt to have started searching  all of them including Vipin Shrma, Kishore Ghosh, M V Raju, Dipak Verma and P K Ghosh who presently are absconding. “This Srijan case is unique in its kind, in this case perhaps for the first time some pairs of husband and wife would be punished for committing same offence,” the source pointed out. It actually mentioned about Amit Kumar and his wife Priya, Vipin Sharma and his wife Rubi Kumarai, and Dipak Verma and his wife Aprana Verma. Priya was the secretary of Srijan while Rubi and Aparna was executive committee member of the NGO, also wanted by the investigating agencies.

Besides, all the persons the expelled ADM rank officer, JayeShree Thakur and former sub divisional officer, Bhagalpur, Kumar Anju is also in the radar of CBI in connection, the sources pointed out. “CBI wants to know how and why all the persons concerned not only accumulated huge properties within short span of time but also enjoyed to credited huge loans over crores in their name from Srijan NGO,” the sources pointed out.

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