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Over120 hour long IT raids, unexpected recovery mostly from nursing home owners and medical professionals !


April 24th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Purnea : Income Tax (IT) department for the first time history of this Seemanchal region conducted raids on some reputed establishments and more importantly  the raid has been going on for the last 120 hours.

The IT sleuths  under the leadership of Siv Shankar Yadav, assistant directorate IT investigation, through yet not revealed the actual recovery during the last 120 hours but has claimed that the huge recovery of ‘illegal’ assets were beyond the expectation. Sources said that over 400 IT employees with 40 vehicles raided over 28 establishments uniformly.

Max 7 hospital, one of the super specialty hospital in the entire region.

The sources also claimed that during the last120 hours raids, undisclosed assets worth more than Rs 100 crores, Rs 1 crore in cash and over more than 5 kg of gold has been recovered. Besides, over 20-25 banks lockers yet not opened by the team, the sources pointed out.

Ambition, another noted coaching point at Purnea.

The raids were conducted at super specialty hospital Max 7 along with the houses and other establishment concerned of the 12 persons who are also the co sharers in the hospital, at Aroghya nursing home and at the hosue and other establishments of its director, Bipin Kumar Singh, at Maurya central diagnostic clinic, at Ambition coaching institute along with the house and other establishments of its director, Amit Kumar Sinha, at Bright career school and the house and other establishments of its director, Gautam Sinha, at Eshan diagnostic center along with the houses and other establishments of its director, Mukesh, the houses and other establishments of noted gynecologist, Bibha Jha, at Maa Bhagwati nursing home of noted surgeon of Purnea, O P Sha along with his houses and other establishments, at Nilam nursing homes  along with the houses and nursing homes of another reputed doctors like B K Singh, Bramhodev Kumar, A K Sinha etc.

IT sources said that on the basis of suspect of huge amount of tax evasion from this region particularly from Purnea township where nursing homes and other institutions like coaching centers have mushrooming, the raids were planed. “During the course of the raid we have some important proof that most of the doctors here who are under the IT scanner, have been planning for  opening a private medical college at Kaswa block, some 12 km away from this district headquarters. They reportedly purchased several acres of lands there with extraordinary prices and their investment was much big. We are trying to verify the facts,” a member of the IT’s raids team told news5pm on the condition of anonymity. The sources however indicated that the recoveries during the raids clearly indicated huge amount of tax evasions.


It is worth mentioning here that such neo rich people particularly like doctors in places like floods and poverty ravaged Purnea have since long been under the scanner of IT department. During nineties, the than noted MP, Pappu Yadav from Purnea had managed to control the rising fees of the doctors in this town. Yadav who was known for his mussel powers even compelled the doctors here to provide free treatments to the poor patients. Early half of twenties, the doctors of Purnea were under the radars of local goons who preferred to kidnap the doctors for easy ransoms. “At that time the doctors mostly here started appointing gun toting securities out side their establishments,” said Alo Roy, a retired banker in the town.

Yadav said that the process of  evaluation of all the recovered assets have been started and all the people concerned would be summoned through notice for their undeclared assets.

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