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Laughing Shashi with his photographs.

Just in one click, Shashi manages to explain whole !


August 20th, 2017

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If talk about a photographer and his responsibility in the context of social values, perhaps the name of Shashi Shanker of Bhagalpur appears in mind!

Yes, how Shashi, an all time laughing personality in the fields of media in eastern Bihar region sets propriety on his subject, may reflect in the photo exhibition which earlier on August 19 inaugurated at Kala Kendra, Bhagalpur to mark World Photography Day on yesterday. The photo exhibition which concluded today, displayed all the photographs taken by Shashi at different stages, different angles and above all on different issues related to daily lives.

Shahsi, a senior press photographer associated with a vernacular daily, earlier had the opportunity to work with many media houses. His long associating in media, makes him very matured, at least to select the photographs for displaying in the exhibition.

At the exhibition.


“Mostly of the photographs are earlier taken by me for media, were also published with concerned news reports. But I only put the photographs here,” he pointed out. He also claimed that  subjects of majority of the photographs were the parts of his assignment. “I went for covering the assignments but always prefer to think lots before pushing the shutter of my camera. One has to write many lines to describe any event on a paper while for a photographer, there is always just one click, the photograph starts speaking itself,” he describe the secrets of success in photography.

In the exhibition, various photographs were displayed and many visitors even failed to identify some photos as painting on canvas. “The angles of some photographs were so accurate that I  first confused whether it is a painting or a photograph,” admitted Nandita, a college student.

Enjoying children at river side, the old Banyan tree, some rural and urban faces in festive moods, depiction of bounty on Natures, time of disaster and many more daily life events captured by Shashi really added much essence to the exhibition.

Many experts concerned who welcomed the exhibition which also was a part of new venture initiated by some energetic youths in this ancient historical city, were also appriciated the subjects and presentation of the photographs. “It is very essential for a photographer to catch the short while observing the mood of the subject. Besides, the angle is also very important to make the photograph alive,” they said while pointing out the photographs in the exhibition.

“Shashi is a seasoned photographer because he has been working in the media since long. Covering different issues daily, makes his hands perfect for the operating the camera,” said Bagesh, a friend of Shashi. Some experts also comment on the  accuracy of apertures, light factors and timing while taking the photos.

However, in the bossier published on this occasion, Shashi recalled how he used to get attracted with the camera of his father when he was infant. “ I heard from my parents that when I was infant and used to weep, my father always push the flash of his camera before me to change my moods….” he narrates. Besides, he also describe the difficulties and hurdles many times to perform his professional obligations.

Cheerful moments with the guests.

Besides, photography Shashai is also a known cultural activist-cum- a good theater artist. “One must have the feelings, the sentiments and also dedications for observing the surrounding. There are so many subjects around us but one has to select any particular from it,” he under lines  the ethics of photography.

The exhibition earlier was inaugurated by Pawan, a well-known cartoonist in Bihar. Many important dignitaries who came to visit the exhibition, appreciated the photographs. However some journalists who also visited the exhibition,  said the exhibition could be more attractive  if Shahshi would have managed to attach the newspaper cuttings containing his photographs. But over all, people appreciated him for initiating a new event like photo exhibition in this city.

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