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Police Pathshala at Open Air theater.

Yes police could do it, like Bhagalpur police !


February 23rd, 2020

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Time has changed many things including Bhagalpur police’s image. Much talked Police Pathshala (police school) under community policing has changed police’s aura that once tarnished its image due to infamous Bhagalpur blinding episode.

Entire credentials goes to some IPS officials like Manoj Kumar and Ashish Bharati, one former and present superintendent of police Bhagalpur, has managed to erase  the black spot on  Khaki (the uniform of Bihar police) during eighties due to infamous Bhagalpur blinding episode. Dozens of under trails lost their eye sights after Bhagalpur police poured acid into their eyes or uprooted their eyes with the spokes of bicycles in the police custody after their arresting. The incidents rocked the country over the ‘classic case’ of police brutality.

Manoj Kumar, the than SP, Bhagalpur who started Police Pathshala.

Under the concept of effective community policing, Bihar Police week, an endeavor for how to project police’s public friendly image and how to maintain the dignity of Khaki, has been observing from a remote police station located in an isolated place to police headquarters. Bhagalpur police like others parts of the state too has concentrated on Mirachak village, a sleepy hamlet located outskirt of Bhagalpur city as a part of Bihar police week.

But above all such police week or elsewhere programme by the police in Bihar, Police Pathshala is unfolded the most effective success story in the modern times in the state.

The best effort deliveres by Bhagalpur police for students’ welfare.

“Manoj Kumar, the than superintendent of police, Bhagalpur had initiated for arranging temporary coaching for the aspirants of different government’s posts mostly the police of junior police officials through Bihar public service commission (BPSC). Some experts from local colleges including some talented police  and district officials were also assigned to conduct the classes for helping the students to face the comparative exams.  Deputy inspector general of police (DIG), Bhagalpur zone , SP and other senior officials come forward  and started the role of teachers at the classes in Police Pathshala. The result was very encouraging as dozens of students both completed in preliminary test and in the mains,” narrated Ravi Shanker Choudhary a faculty of history in Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University who has been voluntary servicing in the Police Pathshala.

SP, Bhagalpur, Ashish Bharati addressing a function of community policing.


Police sources at Bhagalpur claimed that over 200 students including a sizable number of under privilege, managed to secure junior level police official (Daroga) post through BPSC examination. Manoj Kumar had started the classes of free coaching at Bhagalpur from December 2017 and for the first time over 1700 students enrolled themselves in the Police Pathshala here at that time. Students have to first complete the  formalities of registration  anywhere at any police station and have to face the tests series for the enrolment in the Police Pathshala. And all the process are free.

“We have successfully managed to target the under privileged students from rural hinterlands who don’t have the capacity to fulfill the charges by the private coaching institutions,” pointed out Ashish Bharati, superintendent of police Bhagalpur who boldly carry forward this unique legacy once set up by his predecessor, Manoj Kumar.

Soon after joining at Bhagalpur on 2018,  Bharati extended the Police Pathshala while opening coaching both for BPSC and UPSC examinations. Bharati has also managed to provide books and other learning materials for the students especially who don’t have the capacity to purchase due to their financial crunches.

Ashish Bhrati, IPS always concentrates on the public’s cause.

In recent past two students, Alok Chandra Choudhry and Rajkumar  from this Police Pathshala managed to acquire the posts of SDM after completing through BPSC. Some another 10 students managed to secure the posts of deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and other government administrative officials. More than 150 students  of this coaching managed to quality the PT for the selection of junior level police officer.

The sources claimed that not only students from Bhagalpur but also from the 10 neighbouring districts have joined at the Police Pathshala.

Class under open sky.

“Generally the classes are conduct at open air theater, under the open sky at Syndis compound premises at Bhagalpur. While ignoring the recent bitter chilled weather, the students regularly attained their classes. We however, have other option for shifting the coaching classes during the adverse weather conditions,” Bharati said. Adding another silent feature of the coaching class, he claimed that the entire episode has given a good outcome to community policing here also. “We could easily have the communications with the people in remote areas through their wards who come to attain the classes and secondly we could able to win the trust of the mass through this noble mission,” proudly acclaimed Bharati.

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