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Effigy burnt : protest of RJD MLA.

Pre-poll trailer at Lakhisarai : RJD-BJP on war path


January 12th, 2019

Our Bureau/

Dates of Lok Sabha polls are yet not finalized but political activities have accelerated and some places in Bihar like Lakhisarai, situation turning worst mainly due to group rivalry.

Lakhisarai remains tensed as local businesspersons have started mobilizing against Surajgarha RJD MLA, Prahallad Yadav and today burnt his effigy at Sahid Chok at the heart of Lakhisarai town before demonstrating boisterously to press local police for arresting the influential MLA. NDA partners mainly local BJP unit jumped on the street to support Ashish who is a businessman at Lakhisarai.

Protesters on Lakhisarai streets.


Earlier, one Ashish Kumar Sharma, a native of Ward No 14 in Lakhisrari township registered a FIR against Yadav in which he alleged the MLA for demanding ransom, beating him and threatening him with dire consequences.

Taking the gravity of the situation, Lakhisarai police conducted raids at the house of the MLA at Vrindavan but the MLA was absconding, said additional superintendent of police (ASP), Manish Kumar.

Ashish in the FIR alleged that on January 10, when he was busy in construction of a boundary wall at his plot located at Ward No 10, the MLA arrived with his bodyguard and some supporters, demanded extortion of Rs 5 lakh. “The MLA said to stop the construction works but after paying the amount, he could start the work. He also beaten me along with his supporters and drove me from the spot. Further abusing, he threatened to eliminate my all family members and throw them all in pieces into river Ganga,” Ashish alleged.

The FIR and subsequently the police action against the MLA has turned an interesting political game at Lakhisarai as some party workers have started allegations and counter allegations on each other on social media. “They have just starting abusing and also started threatening each others on social media and we have to intervene for stopping their dramas on our social site,” alleged a Lakhisrai based scribe, admin of a social site.

Demand for justice.

Local NDA leaders who burnt Yadav’s effigy today, demanded his arresting immediately while giving references of old criminal antecedents. “The MLA is the brother of noted bandit, Jivan Yadav and is famous for his money and mussel powers,” a local BJP leader alleged.

While countering such allegations against Yadav, Yuba RJD, the youth brigade of the party has termed the FIR registered by Ashish as false and fabricated just to malign the image of the popular MLA, Prahallad Yadav. “It’s part of conspiracy by NDA components here after the parties in NDA realized their certain defeats in the coming Lok Sabha polls. Besides, the NDA parties were frustrated to witness the popularity of the Prahallad Yadav among the mass. So just to malign his image such false allegations were leveled against him,” the RJD camp alleged.

Both NDA and RJD have also starting interpreting Lakhisarai police for fulfilling their self-interests. The leaders from the two camps also alleged and appreciated media for favouring or not favouring their points.

Businessmen and BJP’s joint protest against RJD MLA.

“The situation is tensed as the political activists have started mobilizing at their respected camps, if not defused the tension immediacy, the aftermath of the incident would be very dangerous at district like Lakhisarai,” political observers apprehended.

“We are keeping strict vigil on the situation and police already initiated for arresting of the MLA who has been named accused in the FIR registered by one Ashish Kumar,” said a police source.

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