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President of India reading PCEB's Souvenir on the dais at Vikramshila.

Additional responsibility : media men on philanthropic mission


April 5th, 2017


Our Bureau


Bhagalpur : What should be the definition of media men and what should be their responsibilities? : that became a major question here after unveiling of a souvenir in the hands of president of India, Pranav Mukherjee  during his recent visit to the half-excavated ruins of Vikrmashila Buddha Mahavihara on April 3.

The souvenir titled : ‘ Vikramshila Bauddh Mahavihara : Kal aur Aaj” published on behalf of Press Club of Eastern Bihar (PCEB), a local registered body of media persons. The souvenir contains different relevant articles both in English, Hindi and Bengali mainly to focus on the importance of this ancient world University.

The Souvenir of PCEB.


Rajiv Siddharth, president of  PCEB said that it  has been fighting for the cause of Vikramshila since long and the issue of Vikramshila was taken by the club’s one of the main aims and objects. According to Anuj Kumar Shivlochan, general secretary of the PCEB, under  one of the clause of aims and object of the organization,  “ to provide, to the extent feasible , facilities for holding press conferences, meeting, symposia, activities of professional interests as well as philanthropic activities, which may be deemed fit”, the publication of the souvenir was done.

The articles elaborately described different aspects related to this ancient seat of learning which gradually slipping down the annals of history in absence of any organized efforts for its up-keeping and mainly due to large scale governmental apathy.

PCEB has tried to highlight many silent features of Vikrmashila.  This Buddhist monastery was instrumental to show the world a new approach not only for the best methods of education but also the simplest way of adoption of spiritual practices. Vikramshila was the classic example of how it introduced the concept of social reconciliation. Above all Vajrayana, a new sect in Buddhism, was developed in the lap of this varsity was a landmark event in the history of India. The new sect was the flag bearer of a new era in the country as it opened doors for all without any caste and creed discriminations besides included Hindu deities in its fold for promoting tolerance and universal brotherhoods.

Lamaism, a cult in Buddhism which is considered as the backbone of survival of Buddhism in the world today was also originated from Vikrmashila. Acharya Dipankar Srighyan Atish, the noted personality at Vikrmashila was instrumental in surviving Buddhism in today’s world.

Besides, projecting the silent aspects of Vikramshila, the souvenir is intended to  place the demands of PCEB mainly, including Vikrmashila into Buddha Circuit and also in World Heritage Site of UNESCO, immediate restoration of unfinished excavation works as only less than half part of the ancient seat of learning was so far excavated and immediate allocation of land for the proposed Central University in the name of Vikrmashila.

“ It’s really very  interesting that a group of news men through their organization started such work. Such type of works usually should be done by local politicians but if the journalists decided to come forward for such a noble cause when the politicians became defunct to work for the revival of this ancient varsity in the pattern of Nalanda Mahavihara, it’s very press worthy,” pointed out Anup Kumar, a student in Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University.

“President of India, Pranav Mukherjee highly appreciated such work done by local media persons of Bhagalpur. He expressed all his best to the publisher of the souvenir and told me to convey his blessing to the members of PCEB,” told BJP’s Godda MP, Nishi Kant Dubey to @news5pm.

“I don’t have any  knowledge at least in Bihar where journalists come forward to take such responsibility in terms of promoting such important issues besides performing for their daily professional obligations, ” said Abhay Singh, a senior Patna based journalist.

PCEB source said that the the club also has initiated to reveal the truth behind the original birthplace of Dipankar Srighyan Atish. “We have started intensive research works and some of our members have already taken up the responsibility to conduct the research related works related to the birthplace of Dipankar,” the source pointed out.

PCEB  source  further claimed  that the club has dedicated and decided to work  for greater causes like the issue of Vikramshila,  the souvenir reflects the works of PCEB,” the source briefly commented.

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