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Red's caution : the handbill of the ultras found near the dead bodies.

Rebels’ brutal punishment: three smashed to death for spying !


July 14th, 2017

Our Bureau/


Jamui police this morning recovered three dead bodies, one middle aged, one teenaged and a ladies near the dam which is falling under the jurisdictions of Barhet PS in Jamui district in eastern Bihar. All the three bodies were badly damaged and the faces were suspected to be  threshed  badly by bricks.

Police said that the incident was the handiwork of  Maoists as the victims were suspected of being police informers.   A senior ranking cop at  Jamui told that Maoists  on July 13 late night beat to death the three, including a woman and a teenage boy. The bodies were recovered from three different places, the body of the man was recovered near the community hall while two others were found near the canal.

Police however managed to identify the victims as Shib Koda, teenaged Bajrangi Koda and Mina Devi, all were from a same family and were native of Kumtari village under Barhet PS.

“The persons were targeted as they were suspected to be police informers,”  the officer claimed.

Hand written pamphlets were  recovered from the site in which the rebels written in red ink that they were awarded death.  The incident has created  fresh panic in the areas of Maoist stronghold .

Panic-stricken people in the village and its surrounding villages prefer silent but a close source claimed that the incident was result of the  outcome family dispute of the victims in which the rebels were invited by the opponent groups to eliminate them. Police has started investigation.

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