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Martyr's family members at Pirpainty.

How we have forgotten sacrifice done by a brave son of this soil? In post-Independence era why his family members turned daily wage labourers?


August 15th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Celebration of 76 th Indian Independence is irrelevant  when the martyrdoms by the martyrs are ignored!

Yes, for Muntijir Ansari (55), a daily wage labourer and a native of Sampur, a remote sleepy village at Pirpainty block in Bhagalpur although the celebration for Independence is joyful but the prolong apathy towards his grandfather, who preferred the British bullets rather than the slavery.

Muntijir, grandson of the martyr, is a daily wage labourer, his father and uncles were also labourers.

Muntijir’s gradfather, Jumrati Ansari, popularly known as Jumrati Miyan on November 11, 1942 killed in police firing at Shermari Bazar of Pirpainty along with 27 other persons. But the great martyr is now a forgotten chapter and even the government did not do anything for his family after Independence.

On the occasion Independence day, Muntijir, the family member of a unknown martyr unfolded the sorry saga of his family history in absence of any government help like other martyrs.

Waves of Quit India Movement was apparently created revolutionary tides at Kahalgaon and Pirpainty blocks along with other parts of Bhagalpur district. A post office and  one police station at Kahalgaon was set on fire by the revolutionaries and also same happened at Pirpainty where railway lines were uprooted and railway station was ransacked.

On the morning of the fateful morning of November 11, 1942 police encircled a public library located at Shermari Bazar areas where the revolutionaries were conducting meeting. British police fired indiscriminately on them in which 28 people including Jumrati was killed.

Jumrati’s name is engraved along with others (see the Pic) on the martyr tom which was built by the than RJD’s MLA from Pirpainty, Sobha Kant Mandal in nineties  in side Pirpainty block office campus and also managed to include the names of the martyrs from Pirpainty to the list of martyrs of Bhagalpur district.

Martyr Jumrati’s name is clearly mention on the Martyrs’ Tomb at Pirpainty block office campus.

“No one (read government) took care of my grandfather after Independence, my grandmother, Begum Kabiran Nisha died earlier due to lack of treatment. My father and uncles all were daily wage labourers, struggled and died in mess, my fate compelled me to follow the same path of my father,” Muntijir narrated.

According to him, his father, Vashir Ansari, earlier in seventies applied for the pension of his grandmother, but noting happened. “Her (Begum Kabiran Nisha’s) last desire to have some honour for her husband for sacrificing his life for the cause of motherland was never fulfilled,” Muntijir said in chocked voice. “What did my grandfather get for sacrificing his life, the country was Independent but his sons and grandson has to work as daily wage earners, his name disappeared in the pages of history,” he added further.

No one even to take care of the Martyrs’ Tomb at Pirpainty.

“I still work hard daily for arranging bread and butter for the family and for that I don’t repent but how the government ignored my grandfather is really very painful for us,” he said. Father of two girls and a boy, Muntijir has some one Bigha of cultivated land and an ancestral mud house. “This time the cops mainly maize is destroyed due to lack of water,” he added.

“Though the both Jumrati and his wife died, the chances of government pension is not applicable but government should do something for the martyr’s family at least. We are trying for it,” said Md. Asif alias Mitthu, a well-known social worker at Pirpainty.

Interestingly, block development officer (BDO), Pirpainty, Sunil Kumar who is reportedly busy for the Independence day function at the block, doesn’t have time to receive calls on his official mobile phone. “We told him earlier to take up the matter, but he did not respond. Look the attitude of officials here who don’t have time even to make the martyr tomb inside the block office premises, clean,” Mitthu pointed to the bushes and other garbage encroached the last evidence of martyrdom of 28 people including Jumrati.

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