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NTPC, Kahalgaon super power plant in Bhagalpur.

Truth behind viral news report exposes : top cops denies immediate threat to NTPC Kahalgaon from Pakistani terror agencies, said it was IB’s routine security alert only


July 21st, 2017

Our Bureau/

Newspapers’ heading about the possible threats on NTPC’s Kahalgaon super thermal power plant having production capacity of 2340 MW which gets viral was exposed but it bewildered local cops and put common people into panic !

Top cops at Bhagalpur however refused anything like that and alleged media here to play sensitive issues unnecessarily.

Sushil Man Singh Khopde, inspector general of police, Bhagalpur range who today conducted high level meeting with the superintendents of police of eastern Bihar districts, also denied the contents of such news published promptly today. He told that the meeting with the district police captains was focused on complete liquor prohibition in the state mainly besides other crime related issues were also in the agenda of the meeting today.

Khopde told newsmen that the intelligence bureau has issued security alert as part of its security audit of vital installations undertaken last month.

Inspector General of police, Sushil Man Singh Khopde meeting with Eastern Bihar districts police captains.


It is to be mentioned here that the intelligence agencies had sounded an alert of a possible terror strike at the 2340 MW Kahalgaon super thermal power plant of the NTPC Bhagalpur.

Local medias however sensitized the issue and wrote as it the NTPC is under the direct scanner of terror agencies from Pakistan mainly and anything could be happened at anymoment!

Another top cop here admitted the security alert and said all possible precautionary security measures have been beefed up. “NTPC has the best security agencies like CISF, but we in addition, started corroding security arrangements for the power plant,” the officer pointed out.

Sources said  IB has been doing routine security audit across all vital installations which was not a specific, but general alert which it has issued to all public sector undertakings. And hence,  the directive automatically falls on NTPC.

It further revealed that the security audit of the plant was done in June last and the the IB recommended some security measures to be taken there.

Sources from CISF also ruled out anything like the situation which has been appeared in local media. “Our unit which has been assigned for the security of the power plant was instructed some particular lapses at the plant. We already intimated NTPC, Kahalgaon management for rectify some of such lapses like repairing of broken portion of boundary walls etc. “It’s nothing new and every year such formalities are done just to enhance perfect security arrangements,” it added further.

Another reliable source pointed out that as per the suggestions, NTPC was told to initiate biometric attendance of its staffs just to avoid the entrance of unwanted persons inside the plant areas. The sources however strengthen the need of tightening securities in the wake of such IB alert.

“The international borders of Nepal and Bangladesh is not very far form the place and there were many instances of cross border smuggling and other activities like fake currency note’s business etc were observed. Secondly, the proximity  of China and Pakistan over border dispute with India, should not ignored as Pakistani ISI networking is active in the entire region, the sources added.

Sources from NTPC, Kahalgaon however claimed that in the history of the plant never ignored or compromised with security related affairs, Neither it at any occasion allowed any gape in coordination with the concerned security agencies inside its campus. The source meanwhile has blamed media for creating unnecessary panic while manipulating such stories. “Residents (family of staffs) inside the campus are in panic besides different  gossips have started flying all the corners of Kahalgaon township with newspaper reporting,” blamed a junior ranking police officer at Kahalgaon. “We have intensified patrolling as well as vehicle checking, but there is no such threat apparent here,” the officer claimed further.

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