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Ruchi recently at TPCK

Silent mission of naturopathy treatment


April 6th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Bhagalpur: Ruchi (34), a native of Delhi and also once a chronical paralytic patient due to neuro disorders, walked out slowly with crutches under her armpits  from Tapovardhan Prakritic Chikitsa Kendra (TPCK), a Naturopathy center here in the heart of the city to board on a Delhi bound train to attain the marriage ceremony of her brother there.

Ruchi, was brought to this center last year in a full paralytic state, recalled Jeta Singh, director of TPCK. “Earlier she was suffering from brain TB and during clinical tests, her spinal cord was punctured which put her entire body on paralysis, even her normal urine discharged was stopped. And she had been laying on bed over more than 16 years. Her husband left her with her only girl child. Her helpless parents who are poor, tried their bests and finally brought her here on February 2016,” Singh recalled.


Ruchi on wheelchair last year before chief minister at Bhagalpur.

During June 5, 2016 when Nitish Kumar for the first time visited TPCK, Ruchi recovering fast was on wheel chair before the chief minister, Singh recalled. During the Nitchay Yatra, Nitish Kumar stayed two nights, on January 18 and 19, 2017 at TPCK and Ruchi was walking with clutches and the chief minister was surprised to observe her quick recovery, Singh added. “She will come here again and hope this time she would able to walk without any clutches,” Singh told confidently. Singh said that Nitish Kumar pleaded him for engaging the destitute girl, Ruchi in this center after she would become cure.

Nitish Kumar spent his two nights in one of the special cottages which were designed on fusion of  ancient and modern technologies recently. Since all types of chronical and incurable diseases are successfully treated in this Naturopathy sanitarium by Naturopathic methods without any medicine or surgery. So we focus on the traditional indigenous process of treatments. All the patients during treatment are kept in the special cottages built with earthen materials and given pure Natural food items,” he added.

Singh who claimed that many chronical patients having cancer or serious kidney related problems got cured here with Naturopathy treatments, actually carrying forward the legacy of his father Late Sadanand Singh who was also a freedom fighter. This center was established in 1954 by Late Singh who was also a reputed Naturopath and was one of few persons who were introduced to the science of Nature cure by Mahatma Gandhi himself. However this center formally inaugurated by Jai Prakesh Narayan on May 14, 1955 and the foundation stone of this institution was laid by Pandit Jawaharlan Nehru on February 15, 1962 here.

Singh told that the state cabinet recently sanctioned more than Rs 50 crore for developing and converting it as a Naturopathy research institute. “Presently we could provide accommodation of 28 patients but it is targeted 60 bed’s hospital soon. The new complex having research blocks, residential blocks, treatment blocks and other building would be completely earth blocks, ie, the constructions would be done with earth materials. The compressed mud bricks, with mud pests, tin roofs with palm leaves to avoid Sun heat are some silent features in the cottages but modern facilities in toilets etc in it would be introduced,” Singh explained.

“During my intensive research I observed the tribals who live in forest areas ie, in the lap of Nature, have more resistance power to counter diseases even they don’t need to have use spectacles or their hairs remain black even after crossing 45-50 age limits. So I tried to create the same situation here and impose the concept on my patients, the results are very encouraging,” he added further.

Secondly, Singh said that use of chemicals, rampant pollutions and replacing synthetic foods items are some main cause of great health hazards before the world. “So people worldwide now started concentrating on Nature and Natural substances free form artificially. People in the world have also showing keen interests on the ancient living concept of India and so our mission is turning into an important mode,” he said.

“I hope with release of the funds in coming month, we would be able to start works. Nitish Kumar who is highly impressed here, expressed his desire to come time to time here also,” Singh said.


Special cottage for the patients at TPCK

While asked for making the Naturopathy treatments more popular , he said that the project for extension which was earlier sent to state government for approval, mentioned that the center would afford 40 percent treatments for poor people in this center.


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