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Snapping internet remains only option in countering communal tensions ! Residents suffer without net connectivity for last three days


March 19th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Life (with internet connection) in Bhagalpur and Banka districts thrown out of gear owning to Bhagalpur administration’s decision to disconnect internet services to maintain law and order situation !

Net surfers in the region expressed their utter concerned over such decision and  heavily lambasted Bhagalpur administration due to the defunct net system from the late evening of March 17. People alleged Bhagalpur administration for hiding its ineffectiveness in countering the communal forces behind Nathnagar incident and disturbing the normal life here in this region.

On March 17 afternoon a procession was taken out by BJP leaders to celebrate Vikram Sambath, the new year day in Hindi calendar on March 18. When motorcyclists were passing through Nathnagar locality while playing DJ sets, some antisocial elements attack some participants of the procession which sparked off communal tension. Administrative sources alleged as rumours and gossips related to communal essences have been activated on social networking sites, such decision was taken.

Bhagalpur administration snapped internet services here from the evening of March 17 after a communal tension spread at Nathnagar locality at Bhagalpur and has decided to continue it till Ramnavami on March 25 next to maintain law and order. More interestingly, it managed to close internet services in neighboring Banka district which is 125 km south direction and also at  Naugachia, the sub-division of Bhagalpur which located across river Ganga in north direction.

Some engineers in IT sector expressed their serious concerned over such attitude of the administration. “When there is option in closing down the different social sites, what is the need of blocking entire system?” they raised question. Many aggrieved residents in the region also explains their plights and miseries mainly due to disruption of internet networking.

“Police has its own cyber crime cell, it easily could counter the rumour mongers on social sites, there are strict laws also against cyber related crimes,” some of them said while underlining the police’s inactivity.

“It’s a utter funny situation  created by the administration just to hide their inabilities,” alleged Manjesh Singh, a resident here. He said that his wife a serious patient under the treatment at AIMS, New Delhi  when developed a major problem here recently, he called the doctors concerned at AIMS. “I informed the doctors about the development and  they prescribed some medicine and some suggestions on my Whatsapp for my wife which yet not received in my number mainly due to disruption of net services here,” he pointed out. “Now I have no option to rush Delhi with my wife,” he added further.

Mankeshwar Jha from Naugachia could not managed registration for his  son, a cancer patient, with Tata memorial hospital, Mumbai under such situation. “The doctors who assured me for a bed there for my son told me for the registration immediately on the evening of March 17. Next day, ie, on March 18 when I tried the registration, I found the net was not working,” he blamed Bhagalpur administration. Similarly, a doctor of a local private hospital at Bhagalpur narrated how they had taken maximum risk in conducting a critical surgery on March 18 which was scheduled to be conducted under the supervision of a medical board through video conferencing. “We had taken risk as there was no video conferencing, but we had no option since the condition of the patient was serious,” said the doctor on condition of anonymity.

Similarly, Rakhi a student from Banka was deprived off sending project assignment  online  for final year examination of post graduate IT management from Bengaluru on March 18. “ Yesterday was the last date for submission of the assignments, now I would have to wait for another 6 months to sit in the exam, to whom I blame and who will be responsible for this incident?” she asked.

Banking services and many other important services here also laying defunct mainly for snapping of net services compounded the intensity of the problem further.

“Today we simply could not just think life without net , it’s very important not only for entertainments but various important works including life saving measures are also directly attached with net services. It’s really funny to snap net services just to hide the inabilities of administration for maintaining law and order. Administration is responsible for maintaining law and order, but they enjoy as mute spectators. Is closing down net services the only option?,” alleged Jhilik, a post graduate student here at TMB University.

Adesh Titarmare, DM, Bhagalpur was not available despite several attempts. However sources from Bhagalpur administration said that to avoid any further disturbances which started from Nathnagar on the evening of March 17, net services would be disrupted in the region  till March 25, the day of Ramnavami festival. “The step was taken for the larger interest of the society, we trying to counter the spread of rummours,” the sources said further.

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