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Damaged Vaina Brige-a life line for Bhagalpur on east direction.

Local government departments tern defunct with CBI’s excuse, public works hamper in greater magnitude


November 7th, 2017

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Srijan proves to be curse for Bhagalpur particularly for the roads and bridges. Funds meant for roads and bridges  earlier smartly engulfed by Srijan left a dirty picture here with dilapidated roads and broken roads. Except Vikramshila bridge in north, the three entry and exist point of Bhagalpur city has been laying in paralytic stage with broken bridges , custody : Srijan scam.

Srijan aftermath has some different outcomes as road construction department and land acquisition department are on logger heads. Local wing of state’s road construction department has blamed Srijan scam for blocking many important lifeline projects at Bhagalpur. It also alleged land acquisition department here for  noncompliance of details of accounts which earlier was emblazed by Srijan.

After the expose of  defalcation of huge government’s amount from different departments like land acquisition by Srijan, the principal secretary of state’s road construction department instructed his sub ordinate officials concerned to take the actual positon of loss in the accounts of land acquisition, Bhagalpur. The aim was to ascertain how much amount from land acquisition were taken away by Srijan and how it could hamper  different projects for  roads and bridges here.

Another damage bridge.


But after passing over more than one and half month, no reply was provided to the road construction department resulting lingering of many important lifeline projects in Bhagalpur, alleged a senior official of road construction department.

While the official concerned of NH-80, Bhagalpur division recently have the sensational information that entire  amount sanctioned by the government for the compensation for acquiring lands for Vaina bridge which is under construction at Kahalgaon, was already siphoned of by Srijan. “The embezzlement of the money meant for land acquisition for the approach road of Vaina bridge, has virtually defunct the project,” said an officer of NH-80 division while adding the traffic chaos on important Bhagalpur-Kahalgaon stretch of NH-80 due to the old dilapidated bridge there still persists. Heavy traffic has been restricted on the route and the situation is one of the major problem for Bhagalpur.

According to Ram Shakal Singh, executive engineer of state’s road construction department, some 6-7 year back an amount of Rs 1.95 crore was sanctioned for acquiring the lands for the approach roads of new Vaina bridge. “When we approached the land acquisition department, we were told by the district land acquisition officer, Bhagalpur, that since the matter is investigated by the CBI, it is not possible for the department to provide us the details of the account,” Singh told. Only after receiving the accounts, proper defalcation of money by Srijan could be ascertained, he told.

Similarly according to sources from NH-80, Bhagalpur division, for land acquisition Rs 93.34 lakh was sanctioned from union roadways ministry on October 20, 2016. The district land acquisition officer, Bhagalpur issued a cheque of Rs 8.60 lakh. All the amounts for land acquisition was deposited with bank of Boroda, Bhagalpur branch. “There should have been Rs 84.62 Lakh in that account but only Rs 7 lakh is kept in that account presently. Hence over Rs 77 lakh has been missing from the account,” he pointed out.

Not only that over Rs 1.95 crore of public works department (PWD) and another Rs 18.62 for Mashru bridge was also disappeared from the bank accounts, sources said. “No doubly Srijan has contributed to turned Bhagalpur in a paralytic stage with all defunct roads and bridges but future works needs details of loss of amounts so that works could be restore with fresh allotments,” admitted a senior officer here.

Observers here lambasted such odd developments which ultimately paves the way of development. “It is not only land acquisition department but almost all the departments which go to a silent mode with easy excuse of CBI’s investigation. But on the otherhand public works are getting hampered here. Government should take immediate notice on it,” said observers here.

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