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Some scientific strategies………. but we are still lacking it for countering COVID-19 !


April 6th, 2020

By our Bureau/

When panic spreading rapidly all over the world mainly due to the killer Corona, we Indians have started practicing superstations and other rituals which have zero value to fight back the deadly virus.

News5pm team regularly keeping strict vigil on the social media and other major happenings around the world and try to extract important information for fighting with COVID-19.

We are publishing such important observations etc for the cause of people and  the policy makers so that a proper strategy could be formulated.

An Indian origin  scholar, Barṣaṇajiṯ Majumdar of Cleveland State University has appealed; he has pointed out scientifically  some ways for countering this fatal disease.

“ I have written the work that I think will give more light than the light of the candle,” acclaimed Majumdar.  We are highlighting the points so that the policy makers could take the issue up :

The Indian Council of medical research (ICMR)  should immediate take proper measure  and should make a  database of those who recently get cured  from COVID-19. This data base should be   prepared with blood group information. Such people (who are healed at the moment) should be encourage for blood donation.

If their  blood could be transfused among the COVID-19 infected patients (obviously after matching respected blood groups) , the patients  will  be benefited  as such bloods contains  immense  of neutralizing antibody. This is the tested truth and ICMR personnel are quite aware of the fact, Majumdar claimed.

The government should  immediately  coordinate with persons concerned  of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Science and Technology (DST) along with Department of Biotechnology (DBT) for huge manufacturing of personal protective equipment s (PPE) and  N95 mask.  Scientists in many countries already initiated such  technical health measures in war-footing, why India could not  be able to do it?

This is the time for setting a National Repository of PPE so that in future India would have not been in the crunch of PPE. Throughout the country, there is shortage of PPE in markets and even at many places the ordinary masks and sanitizers are available in the markets in double prices.

Government should adopt policy for creating antibody based rapid detection system and for that it should   immediately  instructed the National Institute of Immunology (NII) along with CSIR and DBT’s   research wings  for preparing  anti-based system. There are many eminent scientists in India, they should come forward at this critical  moment.  He appealed the government for recruiting  young talented scientists  who have not yet got a job, in the mission immediately .

Majumdar also urged for formation  of a national level research laboratory in which the virus of COVID-19 (collected from  the droplets of patients from different parts of the country) should be collected.

This is the urgent need of the hour because this action will help the concerned scientists to find mutation map of the virus and its fatal capacity. Such step would also fruitful for the  Indian scientists and researchers who now busy in finding out the anti-dot of COVID-19 virus.  “Remember for mutating RNA virus, Country Specific Vaccine is always most effective,” Majumdar hopes.

While echoing  famous American software manufacturer Bill  Gates, Majumdar said there is no need to buy any missiles. “Instead of spending huge money for the   defense sector, money  should be spent properly on medical and scientific  research in the country,” he urged.

Like Majumdar many others strongly criticized the competition s among different multinational drug manufacturing companies. “The competitions among the companies to maintain their supremacy over Indian medicine markets, are the culprits for whom research related works gradually downwards graphs.

In his sentimental appeal, Majumdar claimed that the condition at USA is very serious. “My fellow countrymen, you are enough lucky because you yet not witnessed the intensity of death tolls. The situation is quite controlled in your country in comparison to other countries in the world. I hope it has just happened as you all have maintain social distancing and the process of home quarantine. I also like to appreciate those who ventured out their houses for fulfilling their professional obligations. They might be scavenger, a vegetable vendor or someone else  upon whose movement your daily routine is depended. So please don’t forget him/her as they are the real heroes. Mind it no political party or God or any deity has come to save you …it is the people as I just mentioned. I hope India will over come CODID-19….” Majundar claimed.


(Courtesy Jolly Ghosh Dastidar’s fb post)

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