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SSP, Bhagalpur , Monoj Kumar with his street play team.

Street play to tame boozers and bootleggers, Bihar police on anti-liquor mission


June 25th, 2017

Our Bureau/

After a documentary, Bhagalpur police now ready to jump on the streets with its cultural troop with an aim for awareness drive against boozers and bootleggers.

Despite complete alcohol prohibition in the state, Bhagalpur police has been not only chasing away such nuisances but also the graph of arresting in alcohol  related cases makes the cops bewilder. “We feel now it’s the time to  penetrate into the society here to make people aware of the prohibition and mass media could be an ideal option,” said senior superintendent of police, Monoj Kumar.

Kumar opted  street play to convince people like his pervious documentary which was appreciated by the chief minister, Nitish Kumar.

street play for awareness against liquor.


Street play, titled, Dastak, will be enacted at different locations as part of the drive, Kumar told . Dastak , not only deals  with the harmful consequences of boozing and bootlegging, but also with what more can be done to ensure complete compliance of anti-liquor laws.

“The script of the street play written by noted social activist, Somnath Bharati is very powerful but very appealing. While noted state artiest, Chaitayna Prakash by powerfully direction, makes  the street play very attractive for the audience,” Kumar said.

Dastak, for which rehearsals have been on for the last 15 days, will be staged from June 26 onwards, June 26 is observes as international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking. “On June 26 the first street play would be start at Isakchak PS in the heart of the city and afterward we try to perform the street play at every parts in this district particularly in rural areas,” Kumar said.

Like the previous documentary, all the actors in the street  play are cops, including women. “It’s indeed very difficult task to select the characters because we observed many talented cops. Besides, the voice of some of the female cops working in the street play are so sweet and bold that during the play we are sure the audience would certainly would be hypnotized,” said Prakash.

As per as the anti- liquor action taken by police here is concerned, the graph is very encouraging to show the police promptness. As per the graph, more than 621 people have been arrested for violation of anti-liquor laws in the district. The police have conducted at least 5,275 raids and seized large quantity of India-made foreign liquor and country liquor. Besides, houses were seized where the illegal liquor activities were going on.

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