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Surang Yadav (spectacle) with his daughters before surrender.

Surrender game narrates different story!


July 18th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Police and security forces have termed it as a great success while the ground reality of the surrender episode of noted self-styled area commander, Surang Yadav (42) before the police has different story.

Earlier the climax of  prolong drama over the arresting of a most wanted Maoists on the night of  July 15, finally came to an conclusion with the surrendering  of Surang, the self-styled area commander carrying Rs 25 Lakhs’ reward on his head for his involvements in more than dozens crimes of serious natures, at Charka Pathar PS.

The surrender episode has made the security personnel very hopeful about the collapse of the rebels networking soon in the region while on the otherhand it was told that the entire episode was the outcome of Surang’s disputes with top ranking rebels in his organization.

Surrender episode of Surang Yadav at Charka Pathar PS in Jamui.


Surang has developed a distance with them and keeping low profile in the party for last several months, a well established source claimed. However local  villagers apprehended sharp reaction from the rebels side in the surrender episode in which the villagers might be fell pray in the hands of the outfits.

Source from rebel camps however has blamed Surang for approaching pseudo practices for his personnel gains. “He was man of high ambitious and always prefers for his own and for his family. Earlier, due to family dispute he killed a man in the jurisdiction of Charka Pathar PS and managed to term the killing as Maoists’ action,” said the sources adding the allegation of emblazonment of party fund as well as some sophisticated arms and ammunitions.

On July 17 a function was organized at Charka Pathar PS where top ranking cops of Bihar police and CRPF reached even from Patna to witness the surrender episode. Addressing at the meeting, Surang confessed that due to attachment with the red ultras for the last several years, he missed his personal and family life. He disclosed that he became very frustrated in the forest and other isolated places but wanted to return back in the main stream of the society. “Some two year ago I decided to surrender but I was prevented by the top brass in the organization,” he said. He claimed that the red ideology lost its way and now it started working as an organized gang of criminals and loot, murder and other heinous crimes are became its mode of operands.

It is to be mentioned here that Surang became synonym of terror and many who had the opportunity to witness some Maoist’s operations, recalled Surang’s brutality. “I accidently witness how his troop killed Bijay Barnawal and how Surang operated in most ruthless manner,” said a villager somewhere in Jamui. Some shopkeepers at Simultala, who witnessed some Maoists operation also echoed the same.

Observers, however said that the entire surrender episode was the outcome of family pressure of Surang and also his personnel desire to gain monetary benefits along with protection from government’s side because he already confrontation in the party line. “He would have been killed if he didn’t surrender,” they claimed.

They however are not sanguine whether the surrender of Surang would lay any break for the security forces against the rebels in the region. “It’s true that rebels lost a dedicated skilled worker like Surang but his anti-party activities have also made the top leaders very much worried. Second, in rebels organization, second line of leadership is always available so it is not very easy to comment the about the coming situation,” the observers pointed out.

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