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The man on a noble mission; yet not have any reorganization


August 25th, 2021

Bhagalpur, erstwhile ancient Anga Pradesh, always remains tall in the field of creativity; either it may be literature, art and culture or painting and sculpture making. This region has produced many renowned talents from time to time. Today our guest writer, Kaushmika (she is lawyer at Supreme court of India) is introducing an outstanding talent  of Bhagalpur in her first person account.


Guruji, as affectionately called by people of Bhagalpur, enthusiastically grated his chalk and started to relate me his self-composed form of art that as ‘Andaj seli’ . When I keenly inquired about his art and Kala Kendra. Seeing his Chasity towards his art, simplicity his being and affinity of Kala Kendra, captured my curiosity to learn about his life.

Ramlakhan Singh of Kala Kendra popularly known as “Guruji”.

Guruji, Ramlakhan singh, born and brought up in farmers’ family in Bhagalpur pursued his love for art and went to study fine arts from Tilkamanjhi University, Bhagalpur and continued with masters in the fine arts from Chandigarh University. Later he joined kala Kendra, Bhagalpur as  a teacher and now serves as its principal.

An unique example of Guruji’s art.

Living apart from his family in Kala Kendra, his life revolves in a small room adorned with his art along with the paintings of building artist of kala Kendra . A modest, humble, personage, Guruji always carries a pile of chalks in his pocketed a jubilant smile as he teaches his students. When I inquired him about his painting and art, he started to explain me by sketching on the floor of the lobby on which we were standing with such an ardor and enthusiasm as if he were to pour out all his knowledge to me.

Another example of fine art by Guruji.

It was not just with me or his students, but any person who comes to visit him won’t, leave without a sketch from him, as Mithilesh one of his students told me.

He still keeps the up the spirit of Gurukul tradition and culture in Kala Kendra that can be seen in his way of teachings and his bond with students.

Buddha’s painting by Guruji.

Having dexterity in Ajanta style of painting and proficiency in sculpture Art, he has painted more than 300 paintings and sculptured the famous statue of Tilka Manjhi in Bhagalpur. He has carved the statues Of Mahtatma Gandhi placed at Bhaglpur University and various sculptures of Rabindra Nath Tagore , Swami Vivekanand ji and Nandlal Bose situated at Kala Kendra. His work also include Mural paintings on the walls of Kendra, one of which I adored is depicting the Jawahar Lal Nehru’s love for children.

The unique creation by Guruji.

He created new technique of painting that he calls as ‘’ Andaj Sheli’’ the symbolisation of Zero or ‘shunya’ He uses his style of painting to teach the young artists of “Kala Kendra”. On asking the reason for so, he explained me its interpretation; as the form of zero that starts from nothingness to infinity, every child learns from nothing to the infinite substratum of knowledge .

Even being nationally recognized and accolade in Bihar, this humble person just dreams to establish Kala Kendra as an professional Institute for Art , so that every person of any states of society could not be held back to pursue ones, dream of becoming an artist.

Oil painting by Guruji.

Guruji has spent many of his valuable Springs for a greater cause but he yet not received any reorganization of any shorts. Its very unfortunate that such unique talent yet to have a proper platform. It’s really very embarrassing for us that we too do nothing for this great artist who has been performing silently over decades. It’s very important today to arrange concerned patronage for the  people like Guruji so that the next generation could be beneficiary of such tradition of art in the society.                                                                                                                               BY KAUSHMIKA

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