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Kilkari children from Bhagalpur going to join RD camp at New Delhi.

Tiny slams dwellers to rock at country’s big event


January 3rd, 2019

Our Bureau/

They hardly have any interest for Republic Day celebration, as they remain busy throughout to pull their families with hard labours. But this time they are more eager about Republic Day celebration at Raj Path in New Delhi and have started talking about it among their friends, relatives and others!

Meet Anisha Bharati, a road side kiosk operator, or the ward servant of hostel No-1 of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University , or the  boring operator, Binod Kumar, or the staff of a saloon in this city who have started preparation for watching the Republic Day parade on Raj Path in the morning of January 26 on TV. They are excited as their supposes for the first time would perform on the Raj Path at New Delhi.

Bihar’s tableau at Republic Day parade on 70 th Republic Day function at New Delhi’s Raj Path this time will be group dance by children to promote Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Most interestingly, among the 150 participants, group of children from different parts of Bihar like Muzaffarpur, Patna and Gaya,  19 children (16 girls and 3 boys from Bhagalpur Kilkari are scheduled to perform on Raj Path. And they are supposes of Anisha, or the ward servant of the hostel, or the boring operators.

“We lost our father, I somehow earn for managing two square meals for my family. But I wholeheartedly supported my sister Komal, who is in the team,” Anisha, the overjoyed elder sister of Komal somehow managed her tears rolling down from her cheeks. “I used to scold my boy Aman when he started dancing. But today I feel proud for him,” said another participant, Aman’s father who is working as a servant at the hostel of the University here. Similarly, boring operator, Binod Paswan is proud of his daughter, Adity, another participants.

Most of the selected participants for the group dance event are from poor family backgrounds and some are living in slams areas but their talents compelled the event organizers for their selection. Eastern zonal cultural center, Kolkata has been presenting the event of group dance by the children at Republic day’s parade on Raj Path. 19 children already left for Patna on January 2 and after reaching New Delhi on January 5, they will take part in the daily rehearsal programme there. They will perform the group dance on the tune of the song “Bapu ne dekha hai swapna……” and their performance would be scheduled for 2.40 second including their entry on the site of performance, said the source.

Rajnandani also lost her father and her family is dependent on her uncle. She hopes her performance on January 26 on Raj Path will give an identity to her family. Similarly, Sandha whose father works at a sweet shop on daily wages, has started dreaming for becoming a dancer. Ankita also comes from a poor family, her father works in a medial shop and mother works in silk thread company. But she is bold enough in her mission.

Swity Kumari is famous for free style dance, her father works in a saloon, however uses to promote her but was unaware about the platform on which his daughter has been performing. He now started canvasing for Swity and started people known to him for watching the TV on the morning of January 26. Family members of Nidhi, another participant and a daughter of a daily wage agriculture labourer, are quite happy as Nidhi is scheduled to perform before president of India, prime minister and other VVIPs on Raj Path.

“The children are very talented and we are also proud for managing appropriate platform for them to expose their skills,” Neha Kumari, a teacher who also accompanying the children said thoughtfully.

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