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The palace of Verma at Sabour.

Once henchman for Monorama Devi, Verma establishes his emperor at Sabour


September 8th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Srijan NGO always preferred master strikers!

Late Monorama Devi, had the ability to select proper  yes-men for her and perhaps Dipak Verma was her first choice.

Dipak Verma alias Avishek Kumar Verma, one of the masterminds in Srijan scam is not only wanted by CBI, SIT also searching him for his involvement in another case related with the appointment scam at Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Sabour. But after the Srijan scam is exposed, the investigating agencies underlined Verma’s  involvement as large scale irregularities reported from the varsity  on constructions works inside the campus which were done by Verma. Besides, investment of huge Srijan’s money into the construction works come to light by Verma also.

Dipak Verma- one of the Srijan’s masterminds.

Verma who is wanted by the CBI along with his wife, Rajrani Verma ( executive committee member of Srijan Mahila Vikash Sahajog Samity), earlier was in the radar of SIT after the appointment scam in the varsity came to light on 2016. Verma developed his close relationship with former vice chancellor of the varsity, Mewa Lal Choudhary, presently the sitting MLA of JDU from Tarapur (Munger) assembly segment. Choudhary was made accused in the appointment scam, recently managed to obtain anticipatory bail from Patna High court. However, during the investigation, SIT come to know that the relationship with Choudhary helped Verma to obtain many contracts for constructions works inside BAU, Sabour campus in which Verma engaged huge money mostly from Srijan, the source claimed.

The SIT sources said that some three month back, the SIT team investigating the appointment scam, during the tenure of Choudhary, Verma was interrogated and asked to produce all accounts related to his income and expenditures for the last five years including all details of the properties and assets. A senior ranking cop who was the investigating officer, said despite several intimations, Verma yet not responds in giving the required items. “We soon will fix notice at her house and if again he would avoid, the matter would be referred to Economic Office Unit (EOU), Bihar,” the officer pointed out.

Giving an interesting story in the episode, the officer said when police was searching Choudhary after warrant of arresting was issued against him in connection with appointment scam of BAU, Sabour, Verma used to influence the investigation officer assigned for ensuring the arrest of Choudhary. “When we asked Verma why he was so eager for Choudhary, he admitted his relationship with Choudhary,” the officer recalled.

The sources also confirmed that large scale irregularities have been detected in the constructions worth cores of rupees inside BAU, Sabour earlier conducted by Verma. Government is all scheduled to assess such construction irregularities by a board of engineers and experts concerned.

Verma a simple BJP worker who also happened to be the president of Sabour block Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society (PACS)  earlier managed to develop relationship with Srijan and soon became very close to Monorama Devi. He turned very rich and influential within very short time, many residents whisper. “Many of us told by the police (read SIT) to give some clue of Verma but since he is very powerful and influential, we avoid and did not open our mouths,” a Sabour resident told on condition of anonymity.  He engaged his wife and Aparna Verma ( wife of his elder brother) in Srijan as members in the executive committee of Srijan Mahaila Vikash Sahajog Samity. However, along with other members of the body, the two ladies are also wanted by CBI.

Earlier on August 21 the SIT conducted intensive raids at the house of Verma at Sabour and managed to seize many important documents including dozens of bank accounts, documents of landed properties and assets and even some important documents of Srijan NGO from there. The team earlier recovered some banks accounts of Verma from Srijan Mahila bank. “It is very clear that Verma was an active contractor at BAU, Sabour and conducted many works there. We are very apprehensive that he might engage huge money from Srijan to such construction works. However we already handed over all concerned documents to CBI,” said the officer.

“Verma was very instrumental and after the death of Monorama Devi he was trying to put his wife in the chair of secretary of Srijan NGO while replacing Priya Kumar, the daughter in-law of Late Monorama Devi. Vipin Sharma’s wife was also an aspirant for the post and for that triangular tension sparked off among Sharma, Verma and Amit Kumar. Amit Kumar somehow managed to cut short such ambition of Verma and Sharma both,” a source disclosed.

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