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Barbaric witch-hunting practice claims one middle-aged woman’s life, left two others injured ; Is mediaeval era still persists in this land ?


July 25th, 2017

Our Bureau/

Is the gruesome killing of a downtrodden middle-aged homemaker in remote Kosi hinterland in Bhagalpur district,  a  grim reminder of lawlessness as well as also a reminder of consisting ‘mediaeval era’  in this land ?

Influential people, tortured and short dead Gita Devi (55), wife of one Yogni Ram at remote sleepy Singhkund hamlet falling under Khrik PS in Bhagalpur last night for her alleged practice of ‘black magic’. Earlier the persons involved in the killing of the middle-aged lady, mercilessly beaten black and blue two ladies, one is aged and close relative of Gita Devi for the same reason. The two  ladies who sustained serious injuries, latter admitted to JLNMC hospital at Bhagalpur in critical states.

Police sources confirmed the killing incident of the middle-aged lady and said the murderers alleged the deceased and her relatives (the two injured ladies) as ‘witchcrafts’.

Police sources said on July 24, Chandan Mehta, son of local ward councilor, Bindeshwari Mehta, along with others mercilessly beaten the aged Radha Devi, sister-in law of deceased Geeta Devi, and her daughter while entering their house. “They beaten the mother and daughter with sticks and wood frames and their act was most inhuman,” some neighbours of the victims revealed on condition of anonymity mainly due to fare of the influential people.

A complain has been registered with the Naugachia riverine PS and the injured ladies were admitted to Referral Hospital. Later they were referred to JLNMC hospital mainly  due to the bad conditions of their bad conditions. “Since all family members were attending the two injured women at Bhagalpur, Geeta Devi stayed alone in the house. Earlier the people involved in the incident threatened the family members for not report the incident to police. But they again managed to enter the house where Geeta Devi was staying alone, beaten her first and forcefully dragged her  from her house  towards diara land and short her dead . Since all were powerful and well quipped with fire arms, we preferred not to stay indoors,” some villagers pointed out. At around 10 pm last night her dead body was recovered after the murders left the place, they added.

According to police sources, all the accused persons involved in the incidents absconded. A senior cop said that since the area is highly inaccessible mainly due to flooding Kosi river, police finds it difficult to start manhunt properly to search out the culprits involved in the incident.

“Poverty, illiteracy, backwardness and far away from any established  civil society, the areas still poses a mediaeval look. The feudal characters who enjoy the proximity of either political leaders or established their own powers, create terror among poor and helpless people in the areas, said Lallan Kumar, a social worker at Naugachia. While many villagers alleged that the ward councilor and his family members want to capture the lands of the family.

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