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A girl in the march showing her 'committeemen' towards religion.

Women in burkas show faith in religious customs, silently walk on roads to protest Modi government’s bill against triple talaq


March 14th, 2018

Our Bureau/

Though the procession by the burka-cladded muslim women today threw the normal life on roads on Bagalpur out of gear but it was an unique protest against Modi government’s muslim women (protection of right on marriage) bill-2017, much known as bill against triple talaq.

More than 90 thousand strong mob of Muslim women covering their faces with ‘burka’ silently marched here on the main thoroughfares and assembled  at Katchari Chak in the heart of the city  here to protest against Modi government’s recently introduced bill against triple talaq.

Protest on roads.

Huge crowd of the participants , the  muslim women along with their counterparts on the roads here compounded entire  traffic system. The city otherwise doesn’t have by- pass and since NH-80 passes through the heart of the city, vehicular traffic especially long distant vehicles have to face immense difficulties today.

Mufti Moulana Farque Asfarani , president, Tahaffuz-E- Shariat, committee, told that  the muslim bodies including the women in the community have started protesting Modi government’s move to introduce the bill which defame triple talaq. He alleged that  the bill against triple talaq was political motivated as well as was direct interference in Shariat. “We would not tolerate such interference in our personal affairs and the silent protest by such a huge number of women of the community on the roads here shows the gravity of the situation and also our concern against it,” Mufti Illias, secretary of the committee informed.

An united effort to protest.

A delegation of muslim women also submitted a memorandum to the district magistrate, Bhagalpur addressed to the president of India, prime minister and other higher dignitaries to withdraw the triple talaq bill immediately for the sake of muslims in the country.

Participants since early morning started assembling on the three points mainly in the city, Sahajangi mela ground (in the south direction of the city), Muslim High school ground (middle in the city) and Barhepura Iddgha ground (northern part in the city)  as per the decision of the committee. The flow of women participants from the points started marching towards

A participant carries her infant on the road.

Katchari Chok  with posters, placards and pamphlets in their hands.  “I have completed my works including making meals for the family members before the Sun rise today just to ensure my presence in the march,” acclaimed Rojji, a homemaker from Chameli Chak here. while many like Bibi Noor, was carrying her infant on lap along with placard in one hand. Some softhearted male members in the processing were carrying the infants in their laps, considering the conditions of  their wives marking on streets under scorching Sun.

Though the faces of the participants were covered with burkas but their eyes were shining while they walked silently on the streets. They tightened the placards, posters or the  banners in their hands which were full with slogans  mainly showing solidarity with Islamic shariat.  Some slogans were against central government’s move against triple talaq.

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